Chicago Federation of Musicians

About Chicago Federation of Musicians

The Chicago Federation of Musicians represents a wide variety of professional musicians including the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the Lyric Opera Orchestra, the Grant Park Symphony Orchestra, Chicago Sinfonietta, The Elgin Symphony, and more. Our members also perform in the theatre pits for all major Chicago theatres and record the highest quality music for television, broadcast, and other commercially available music.

The CFM is proud to represent the many talented musicians who perform at corporate and private events, as well. Their collective knowledge and experience is invaluable in making events successful. The members of the Chicago Federation of Musicians perform all styles of music including Jazz, Classical, Contemporary and Classic Rock, Latin, Folk, Blues, Reggae, World, Ethnic Music, and more. You will find soloists, ensembles and bands for all styles. Music arrangers and copyists are also CFM members!

The Chicago Federation of Musicians is a Local of the American Federation of Musicians, the world’s largest union representing musicians. With almost 100,000 members, the AFM is the leading advocate for musicians’ rights.

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