IUOE 324

About IUOE 324

We Build, We Operate, We Maintain. The members of Operating Engineers 324 have kept Michigan moving onward and upward for over a century. Our 15,000 members operate the heavy machinery that propels construction on the roads, bridges, buildings, energy plants, pipelines, airports, and nearly every large-scale project in the state. Our highly skilled members operate cranes, dozers, trucks, excavators, and countless other equipment that is propelling us into the future.  OE324 also represents and trains the technicians who fix and repair this equipment and keep downtime to a minimum, as well as highly skilled Stationary Engineers who operate and tend complex boiler and HVAC systems.

We are on the forefront technologically, operating next generation equipment like robotic and remote-controlled machines and drones. As a US Department of Labor Registered Apprenticeship program, we run four training facilities, including our world-class 560-acre Construction Career Center in Howell.

Operating Engineers 324 – We Keep Michigan Running.

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