IUOE Local 49

About IUOE Local 49

The International Union of Operating Engineers Local 49 was chartered on June 10, 1927 as a result of the merging between Twin Cities Local’s 84 and 86. On December 31, 1938 our charter was re-issued to cover 300 hoisting and portable members in Minnesota, holding union meetings above Witts Grocery on Hennepin Avenue in Minneapolis.

For nearly 20 years Local 49’s jurisdiction only covered Minnesota until the Hoisting and Portable Local 723 of Fargo, ND united with Local 49 on June 1st, 1946. Finally, on December 1, 1950 South Dakota became part of Local 49’s jurisdiction when Locals 560 and 560A in Rapid City, South Dakota merged with Local 49. Since 1950 Local 49’s charter includes Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

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